Why become a Hacker in Residence?

Get paid to build a company

Can't quit your day job to build a company because you need to pay the bills? We will pay you to experiment with ideas until you join the best one.

Work with Experienced Entrepreneurs

You want to build a company but you don't know where to start? At 500 LABS you will get to build companies with experienced entrepreneurs that have built and grown successful startups before.

Failure is part of our fucking process.

Entrepreneurship is risky business. We de-risk that for you. If the idea doesn't work out, you will work on another one.

Send your application today and join the 500 Family.

Build Companies with Us

500 LABS is a startup studio backed by 500 Startups. We are not an accelerator or a VC. We experiment with many ideas to build a few companies every year. We are looking for talented hackers in residence in Toronto and Waterloo, Canada to join our team.